New Lazy Sunday Journal Idea Photoset by Frank Allen

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Post for 15th November 2011

Probably one of my Favourites to sketch so far, It screams Rock and Roll. Although It came from a stressed environment, the football was on and I was hid away in My sisters farmhouse Kitchen. I love farmhouse kitchen Tables the chance of me ever having such a luxury slim to nil but enjoying someone else’s to draw on, Priceless.

This one, although quite easily drawn, This one in Just about 2 Hours, at the table my sisters Kitchen
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Magic a pencil sketch by Frank Allen

This is the Only real pencil sketch I have done since School which is really weird, how did I let life crowd that out.

The original is the only original I have ever Sold I did it in January. The buyer asked me, she said it looked like Warhorse I’ve only ever sold 3 prints, but I suppose that’s ok being as I’ve only been doing Art again for 3 months.

f any one wants to buy a print or a original of anything, I can do that, just ask or click the shop link.

 Magic by Frank Allen  Prints Avaliable