The Wolf and The Raven a Teaser Trailer Project

The Wolf and the Raven

(March 2016 Performance Teaser).



My film endeavors are mostly linked to my musical and performance art. Some are created under the name, R.Dakota. The first of which was a trailer in a surrealist film style. For this particular short I captured footage of two incredibablly talented dancers in the dark, and layered it with footage of me performing. This process is not disimilar to my digital illustration work in photoshop.

The idea was to be mysterious in order to draw people to come to the performance which was held at Jennifer Ford Art, Fort Wayne. I performed a set of my own creation with the amazing improvised violin play of Felix Moxtar.

I have much of the film footage for building material to create a proper short film in the future.


Director : Frank Louis Allen (R.Dakota)

Crew and Lighting : Adam Carpenter, Gary Coker, Steve Franks.

Dancers : Mandie Kolkman and Ashley Benninghoff


The full musical performance on the day can be viewed here as filmed by Kara Stewart Allen.

A Silver Mt Zion C’mon C’mon an Endless longing
Heres the poem I improvised to go with it
Eyes Sharp like Shrapnel,

I saw the dew,
there was the feedback,
between your trusted Empty interior,
I felt for the cavity,
A Stare, a causal glance,
a trial by fire,
to tear free,
and then a chance,
yet thoughts like scribbling,
They feed from the heavens,
After they rain down in Finish,
below we grasp at shards,
reaching for metallic feelings,
Sipping on the Juices of the Void,
A empty sentence,
a walk in a direction,
a meaningless exchange,
a sense of regret,
a freedom so revealing,
Peace in the sky,
bring forward the emptiness,
the blinding of light,
twins though crippled,
fire comes from there hands,
Eyes like Shrapnel,
Eyes like Shrapnel,
Eyes like Shrapnel,
Eyes like Shrapnel,

Eyes like Shrapnel…………..

First poem in over a Decade written abstractly than the order shifted a little whilst listening to a Silver Mount Zion
Frank Louis Allen 17.36 GMT 03-12-11