The Quest by Frank Allen

Put on my head phones and headed out in a Minus 10 Degree light Snow. 3 Miles in the Dark to discover the Internet gave me the wrong Opening times for Argos. Enjoyed the Immersion you get walking with Headphones listening to A Silver Mount Zion ‘Pretty Little Lightening Paw’

Jonny Hillman Vocals Frank Allen Music

The Picture makes me Laugh but the song is cool for a first try at being serious.

I (Frank) Wrote the guitar years ago one of the rare times I can remember how to play a song. Jonny Spontaneous came up with some lyrics. A Good session.

A better cut, havn’t got the electric version of the machine yet..

The Line / Obsession Vs Love

The Line – Frank Allen

Like painted on scars running all to dangerously close to the edge.

Where reason teeters on the line.

The line across which everything is scary. 

Picked up as easily as a feather that has no shadow.

Than that same which half blocks out the sun.

All is anxiety here, all is loss, that is why I am elsewhere. 

Where is the line?

One mans  obsession is anothers chivalry

Ones love, another’s is Panic.

Does he and she know obsession  like I know obsession?

The Construction and Deconstruction of a Noise Curtain – Original Art and Music by Frank Allen

New abstract art from the hidden depths of Franks Subconscious.

The Song is Noise Curtain by Frank Allen, the Art is an abstract piece Called Foliage…. Frank is a Partially Sighted artist on the Spectrum and slowly losing his vision to a disease of the Retina. ‘The Doodle shall Prevail’ he screams…..