Armoured Emo Fish by Frank Louis Allen

This the Doodle from Saturday. I got locked out of the House so went of on the bus to the Mount at Bedford. Got surrounded by about 30 Emo kids. They dug the doodle and one guy said my abstract doodling had Swag?? Then we discussed what Hipster are, they where generally quite positive about the label just remarking that they are kids who wear Chinos.I’d never heard of them before I started bloging.

Just listening to Sharks Keep Moving.


Mechadragon Original & Versions by Frank Allen

About an hours worth of Doodle about a month ago at Mels place colour on Photoshop which took 20 mins, Would like  to spend more time on this some time.

Doodle Wall Mark II is Ready.

This Doodle is called War on Bruce Springsteen. The guy does nothing for me, his full of the American way, in the wrong way. No bark that register’s with my ear drums like a lot of middle of the road music they call Rock. Maybe other people are hearing it on a different frequency….

A2 ib a Sketchpad took about 1 Hour I was watching come fly with me for lite relief.

– Frank Allen

Drew this one afternoon rounds Mels. Conversation was going on around me. Mel was insightful enough to hand me his A3 Sketchpad. It took about an hour and as soon as I started to draw I relaxed as always. – Frank 30 12 11

The first Doodle I first shared on here about 6 weeks or so ago when I started doing Art for Arts Sake. Still my favorite, abstract, simple and colorful.

Listening to Sonic Youth Rather Ripped, brilliant album.

– Frank Allen

Got my Eyes Photographed. Had to have Drops man my head hurts.

Heres my Mega Machine Shark in a T-shirt design, just experimenting but its on Redbubble , I might get muself one 🙂

“Neo London Mega Shark” – T-Shirt T-Shirts & Hoodies by Frank Allen | RedBubble