Aqua Babe Original by Frank Allen

Just Posted a shot of the Original. It was the first night that I started doing this kind of Art. We where listening to The Groundhogs Album Split and I started drawing.

Doodle Diary by Frank Allen

Can’t believe I am actually Autistic Enough to feel upset if I dont paste a picture post. Well here you go.

The Diary has it moments but for the most parts lays forgotten in a Squidy Pile .

I’ll try again to get that Gallery Up tommorrow.

  • One Overtired Frank

 This is actually yesterday 12/12/2011.

My third Day of posting a daily Doodle. The bit at the front was purely abstract then the rest was intentional. ‘Way out, in the water, See in swimming’

Im off to Cambridge again, I’ll try add some illumination later.

– Thanks for looking enjoy. Frank 12/11/11