I have been into maze drawing and doodling for a while now… But they don’t have as much life or smooth turns as your art does. Where does your inspiration derive ?

I just draw without thinking or planing. I try to keep the lines confident single motion strokes where possible so that they are as natural as possible.

The Subconscious does the calculating for you in most of this kind of thing, I think people just do not realize this and think they have to consciously get things right and that just messes their lines up.

Saturday Post – Automatic Drawing & Our Funky Form of Normality

Automatic Drawing done whilst listening to ‘The XX’ by Frank Louis Allen (me)
So I’m reliably informed what I draw is like Automatic Drawing. Which is basically true wikipedia list automatic writing as…

“Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer claims to be produced from a subconscious, and/or external and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content.[1]’’ 

That is exactly what I do, just with drawing so I googled it, as usual failed to find similar examples which pleases me. I’m pleased and very fortunate to be Unique :D.

Always pleased to know if somebody else does this aswell and check out there work. I know of a few on facebook already.

The Pain is finally Subsideing a little and hopefully soon here things will return to our funky form of normality.

Frank Louis Allen

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