Magic a pencil sketch by Frank Allen

This is the Only real pencil sketch I have done since School which is really weird, how did I let life crowd that out.

The original is the only original I have ever Sold I did it in January. The buyer asked me, she said it looked like Warhorse I’ve only ever sold 3 prints, but I suppose that’s ok being as I’ve only been doing Art again for 3 months.

f any one wants to buy a print or a original of anything, I can do that, just ask or click the shop link.

 Magic by Frank Allen  Prints Avaliable

Sold 3 Prints and can afford my Hard Drive, More video’s coming up.

Some of the first prints I have ever sold. Its exciting to think about your work sitting in peoples living rooms.


– Frank

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22nd November 2011 – The Daily Doodle Physcadelia Jungle/Arab Style

In the book shop today the Manager said to me ‘We were looking through the blog, Man you really like the fish and Eyeballs’’ LOL  I supose its a circles and Angles thing.
Drawn at Mels as usual, the House of the Doodle accompanied by not 70’s rock but really cool Arabian Beats.
The Music behind the Doodle.

Drawn to Arabesque Zoudge. The track is Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart – Yalili Ya Ain. Im looking for a copy of this CD right now.

This track and whole CD is so cool. Arab Sounds mixed with cool beats I think no one could dislike this.
Enjoy and please let me know what you think, or your thoughts on how I could Improve the blog would be most appreciated and as always all art for sale just contact me.
– Thanks for Looking Frank Allen 22/11/11

My Phone just didnt want to upload this last night.

This one had things in it both ways up so I felt I hadnt to show both which leads to a cool symetry anyways….

Daily Doodle 30 November 2011 Frank Zappa Overload

Quite obviously this ones a little charged with something weird. Just did it listening to a ultra Frank Zappa instrumental Vinyl round mels.
t was good but a little crazy, and not completely abstract. but even this wasn’t as crazy as the nights other offerings which will come up soon. 
I think me and Mel journey a little to deep into the unravellings state brought on by to much Zappa.
AS allways please do comment and thanks for looking.
– Frank Allen 30 11 11 22.36

Here”s a doodle I just mega doodled. Didn’t plan to draw the dog at all. I just swish some marker and then built it from there.

Not as abstract as usual but it was fun and thats what counts. 2 weeks until operation Yipppeeee. Thabks for looking. I have prints now if anyones interested.

Thanks for looking please do comment it makes it all worthwhile.

_ frank Allen 12.07 gmt. Sunday 26th Nov on mobile

22nd November 2011 – Photoshop Art in progress, Bombay Bicycle Club Thief Interlude

22/11/11 10 am 

Was in the process of scanning in todays A2 sized doodle butAas that takes a while I’ll post something else Ive been working on first. 

To many ways to go on the computer when your attached to the net, It can be so hard to focus On one topic to post. Just scanning into todays post listening to the Bombay Bicycle clubs album. The really chilled out one not the rocking electric one working on a gallery image.

Heres it in progress, much to do, really REDO.

……………..INTERRUPTED POST…………………………….

13.44 21/11/11

Could Imagine this post carrying on for a few days and never getting posted at this rate, So my uncle shows up, he found a top og the Range Giant Mountain Bike Thrown in a field, so it was off to the police station with him. In 31 Days
So I asked in Biggleswade’s new bookshop if they want to display my ART. Yes they say. So Hooray Im going Public.
– Thanks for Looking Frank Allen
The Music

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club

& Remember If anyone wants to buy any ART please message me, youd be the first Customer I’ve ever had. 😉

Post for 15th November 2011

Probably one of my Favorites to sketch so far, It screams Rock and Roll. Although It came from a stressed environment, the football was on and I was hid away in My sisters farmhouse Kitchen. I love farmhouse kitchen Tables the chance of me ever having such a luxury slim to nil but enjoying someone else’s to draw on, Priceless.

This one, although quite easily drawn in Just about 2 Hours in my sisters Kitchen, was a Nightmare. Although It is just a single A2 Image, I had to scan it in 6 Sections on 2 different a4 Scanners just to get something I could match up. If it had been colour it would have been completely Impossible. I may have to sell some just to be able to afford a scanner to scan them in.

There was no music on but if there was I’d imagine it’d be cool but melencholy, so I’ll stick on some Bon Iver

Thanks for looking If anyone is interested in buying anything just let me know.
– Frank Allen

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