22nd November 2011 – Photoshop Art in progress, Bombay Bicycle Club Thief Interlude

22/11/11 10 am 

Was in the process of scanning in todays A2 sized doodle butAas that takes a while I’ll post something else Ive been working on first. 

To many ways to go on the computer when your attached to the net, It can be so hard to focus On one topic to post. Just scanning into todays post listening to the Bombay Bicycle clubs album. The really chilled out one not the rocking electric one working on a gallery image.

Heres it in progress, much to do, really REDO.

……………..INTERRUPTED POST…………………………….

13.44 21/11/11

Could Imagine this post carrying on for a few days and never getting posted at this rate, So my uncle shows up, he found a top og the Range Giant Mountain Bike Thrown in a field, so it was off to the police station with him. In 31 Days
So I asked in Biggleswade’s new bookshop if they want to display my ART. Yes they say. So Hooray Im going Public.
– Thanks for Looking Frank Allen
The Music

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club

& Remember If anyone wants to buy any ART please message me, youd be the first Customer I’ve ever had. 😉

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